Why You Should Quit Your Job as a Military Recruiter

Thivin Rabbid
4 min readOct 19, 2020


You Likely Already Hate Your Job

And you probably should.

Your job is very stressful, your commander might have attempted to take away your holiday time, and you may have even lost a friend or two who joined you.

You are said to have a high-risk occupation with “consistently high levels of stress.” That means a higher likelihood of suicide in a job field that is already suffering a suicide epidemic.

And what do your bosses do when they see the trends of rising stress?

Have a “citizen sales expert” give you some lessons.

It’s Not Like You Have Any Job Future Anyway.

2015: Fewer Americans are joining the military

2016: The recruiting market tightens

2017: Pentagon running out of candidates to recruit

2018: Rough 2018 prompts strategy turnaround

But at least 2019–2020 went great with that strategy change!

Until there was tons… and tons… and tons… of backlash.

It’s the perfect PR nightmare for you.

Let’s just hope they never get around to banning recruitment in schools or in certain online communities. Then you’ll be really screwed.

Your Coworkers Are Terrible People

Do you know that other recruiter who you traveled to that high school with?

He killed a 17-year-old girl and then himself.

Wow… awful… sure are glad that bad things like this are rare.

Hundreds of recruiters have been near systemic in the sexual abuse of their mostly underage recruits. (If you look at only one of these sources, make it this one)

Oh… this is getting wors-

The Pentagon needed to get involved.

These people are your coworkers. You are lumped in with them. When someone hears “recruiter” this is what they think.

Your Job is Immoral

The minute that you walk into that school lunchroom, text that kid from the mailing list, or start up that twitch live stream, you should realize that what you were sent there to do was bad.

You are probably targeting a black or poor area in the hopes that some kids are desperate for college money or any kind of education.

I mean, how else are you going to fill up that quota (“Mission”) so you won’t get fired? Honestly, “Mission” seems a bit too condescending for what you’re getting paid.

The streaming on Twitch is probably the worst part.

Cory Ray — https://roguerocket.com/2020/07/17/twitch-uhl/

Twitch viewers can be as young as (and probably younger than) 13 years old.

Streaming recruiters used fake giveaway links that linked to sign up forms and claimed that they weren’t recruiting all while banning users who posted about w4r cr1mes, as they are now known.

Your Job Has Killed The Volunteer Army

Ever since the draft stopped, the military has been volunteer based. Almost everyone liked that, especially you, seeing as your job was created by it. Lets just hope they don’t decide to bring it back and put you out of a job.

Are there adults out there who want to volunteer and join the military? Yes.
Is that a completely acceptable thing? Yes.

Does convincing poor children to fight in a forever-war sound like volunteering to you?

Because it sounds like human exploitation was turned into a job.

Everyone You Recruited Now Hates You

(Because of Your Job)

You may even know why.

It’s because, as a recruiter, you lie, lie, and lie.

Guess what? Those lies kill.

The families of those you recruited hate you.

Even the hardcore military types despise you and your job.


You lie.

And you know it.

I’m Not Trying to Blame You

You, the individual, aren’t the problem here; your job is.

If, by some chance, you are someone who hates what you are doing. Just stop trying.

Please, I know “quitting” the military is complicated, but just stop. Go back to working in some other sector. Try to dissuade that 14-year-old from idolizing servitude. Try to stay out of schools. Absolutely anything is better for you than living your life in that awful, dead-end job.